Take the Call

Please take the call to support RIT students!

When RIT students call you, they’re doing important work! They’re seeking support for this great university and its students. We know you get lots of calls from organizations, but we hope you’ll take RIT’s call.

Our student callers have a message to share with you:

Omkar believes that together, we can make a difference.

Photo of Omkar, Engagement Center student employeeYou see 585-475-2689 on caller ID and you know that it’s RIT calling to ask you to make a gift—to give RIT money. If you’re like many alumni that I’ve called, you either ignore it, hang up, block the number or report my call as spam.

Sometimes though an alum will actually pick up but when that happens, the call goes one of two ways: 1) I get yelled at for calling at all or 2) I have the most pleasant conversation of the day with an alum who’s genuinely happy to hear from me. Guess which call I like the most?

RIT Engagement Center student callers, like me, are fundraisers—we aren’t telemarketers making cold calls trying to sell you something. Of course, I call alumni and chat them up about all the amazing things happening at RIT with the hope of convincing them—you—to make a donation to the university…because well that’s the job. Three nights a week, for three hours a night, I’m in the basement of Mark Ellingson Hall—the Engagement Center's home —calling alumni. We’re not trying to interrupt your dinner or your binge-watching something on Netflix or whatever you do in the evenings from 6-9 p.m. eastern but again, it’s my job to call you and convince you to give something back to RIT.

Engagement Center students like me raise more than $200,000 a year which helps provide students with scholarships, updated facilities, club or athletic opportunities and quite honestly a whole lot more. My job is definitely not easy and I put up with A LOT of rejection but I am raising money to help students like me. I am proud of what I do because, in the end, there is a greater purpose to what I do. I am helping people.

My name is Omkar. I’m a fundraiser and I’m calling to ask you to give something back to RIT. Please take my call the next time you see my number on caller ID. Maybe we can both make a difference together.

Ally says "I love reliving your RIT moments with you."

Alexandria Pritts sitting at calling work station with headset on. She's looking at the camera and smiling.Hi! I'm Ally. I'm an RIT Physician Assistant major, graduating this spring!

Each year, over 7,000 students are employed by RIT. I am one of the lucky 50 to be employed by the RIT Engagement Center. Twice a week, I spend my evenings learning about the experiences of other RIT family members: alumni, parents, and friends like you. On these calls, I get to relive your happiest moments, the classes you loved, the co-ops that turned into careers, and the connections that have lasted lifetimes.

I also get to help support students like me, by sharing with you, what I know about how important and necessary it is for the RIT family to give something back. RIT students receive more than $320 million in financial assistance, which includes merit or need-based aid for 100% of our incoming freshmen. Without support from the greater RIT community, fewer students would receive less financial assistance and some may not even be able to attend RIT.

Your support doesn’t just help students with scholarships or financial aid but a whole lot more and you can really support any area of RIT that you’d like. And 100% of your gift goes to the area or fund you designate. Knowing how much my job actually helps other students is the reason I call, and the reason I’m proud to be a student caller.

When I graduate from RIT and begin that next chapter of my life as an RIT alum, I will carry my experiences and your stories with me. I might even pass those stories down to the next generation of student callers. Hard to believe, perhaps, but I’m really looking forward to being on the other end of the call, sitting where you sit, and enriching the student caller’s RIT experience just as you have enriched mine. Please take my call.

Emily wants you to know your gifts are so important

Emily Mabon sitting at calling work station with headset on. She's facing the camera and smiling.Guess who’s calling?

My name is Emily and I’m a class of 2022 Physician Assistant major, and I'm a student working at RIT’s Engagement Center. So when you see a call coming in after dinner from RIT – it’s me.

The Engagement Center employs over 50 other students like me. We go to classes, club meetings, and practices during the day and each night we head to the basement of the dorms where we make our calls. We are students hired to build connections with our RIT community—especially alumni—and we raise money that goes toward helping students.

When I call, I will be asking you to make a gift to the university but please know that there is so much more to my job. I will confirm and update your contact information, this keeps you in the loop about things happening at RIT and even local events across the country that RIT deans, faculty, and students are participating in. I’ll also ask you about your time on campus, the classes you took, the friends you made and if you have any advice for current students like myself.

Then, when I do ask for your support, I’m asking because of the impact gifts from our alumni make. The support from the RIT community that the Engagement Center secures helps provide students with scholarships, updated facilities, campus opportunities, and a whole lot more.

Again, my name is Emily. Please take my call!

To make your gift to the Fund for RIT, please visit the link below.