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The 12th GLCW will be held in Rochester, NY at the Rochester Institute of Technology, August 6-8 2019. 
Registration closed July 15, 2019. 
Our program will run roughly from 9am to 5pm each of the three days.  We will have provision for contributed talk and poster presentations, and will include a variety of invited speakers.



The GLCW12 meeting is organized around six major subtopics in modern cosmology, including:

  1. Studies of the cosmic microwave background (CMB), whose polarization and small scale structure are still yielding insights central to the field;
  2. Cosmology as traced by the large scale structure of galaxies and matter, which over the next two decades are likely to yield the tightest constraints on the origins and evolution of the universe possible;
  3. Galaxy structure and formation, which are crucial components of our physical models of the universe;
  4. Advances in theory pointing the way to the new, paradigm-shattering physics of the future;
  5. Intensity mapping, which when coupled with an understanding of the physics of galaxies will allow us to map out the history of matter in the universe; and
  6. Direct probes of dark matter and particle astrophysics, which offer some of the clearest paths to physics beyond the standard model.

Our program of invited and contributed speakers will center on these topics, their interactions, and future collaborations that could result from new data, new techniques, and cross-pollination between these topics.

cosmology figure

cosmology figure