Past Presentations

2022 Graduate Education Week

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College of Art and Design

Chunbum Park – Winner in the oral presentation category
Redefining the Northeast Asian Beauty Against Its Racialization Towards Whiteness

Ariella Knight
Compostable Kidsware: Designing for Decomposition

Saunders College of Business

Pyone Maw
Do CEO Inside Debt Holdings Influence Audit Fee?

B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences

Saniat Sohrawardi – Winner in the oral presentation category
Dungeons & Deepfakes: A Role-Play Study to Understand Journalists’ Usage of AI-based Video Verification Tools

Sergei Chuprov
Effect of Network QoS Degradation on Machine Learning Systems Classification Performance

Kate Gleason College of Engineering

Karam Al-Assaf
Human Augmentation: A System Engineering Conceptual Framework
Global Campus: Dubai

Muna Ali
Human Augmentation: Enhancement of Cognitive Abilities

Zahra Allahyari
An experimental and computational study to determine key physical factors affecting cell migration over porous membranes

Yu Chang
A study of gold nanomushroom and gold nanoparticles based plasmonic sensor

Shayan Gholizadeh
Deciphering Distance-Dependent Endothelial-Glial Interactions in the Blood-Brain Barrier using Thickness Gradient Nanomembranes

Hagar Hendy
An Energy Efficient Domino Logic Architecture for Memristor Based Neuromorphic Accelerator

Jade Myers
An Additive Sandwich with Extra Lattice: Improving 3D Printed Prosthetic Sockets with Embedded Density-Graded Lattice Structures

Louis Widom
Degradation of Endothelial Basement Membrane in an In Vitro Blood-Brain Barrier Model

Joseph Zonghi
Human Imagined Language Classification

College of Engineering Technology

Hazim Al Jawhari and Sarah AlMehairi
Strategic Plan for Smart Warehouses Transition: A Case Study at Local Warehouses
Global Campus: Dubai

Cody Beaver
Evaluating the Potential Impact of Ototoxic Exposure on Worker Health

College of Health Science and Technology

Joanne Raptis – Winner in the oral and poster presentation category
A one-time digital intervention for values-based and SMART behavioral health goals: A pilot study on feasibility and efficacy.

Leah Ward – Winner in the oral and poster presentation category
The Impact of Gender and Intimate Partner Violence on Distress Ratings Among Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

Johnathan Wright – Winner in the oral and poster presentation category
Development of an Electronic Triage System for Older Adults: Navigating an Increasing Need for Mental Health Services

Timothy Baer
Exploration of the use of phototherapy in TBI and stroke neurorehabilitation: A systematic review

Jaime Blackmon
Factors Predicting Readiness to Change in Veterans who use Intimate Partner Violence

Thomas Chacko
Computational Modeling and Network Analysis Approach to PTSD and Obesity

Dustin Haraden
Avatar and Technology-Assisted Platforms for Youth Mental Health

Kayci Hauser
Categorical Correlates of Distress in a Homeless Population

Kristy Kelley
Technology-Based Mindfulness for Youth

Qian Li
A 3-Dimensional Interactive Medical Organ Simulation as a Motivational Interviewing Tool

Mini Mathai
Cultural Competence in a Virtual Embodied Avatar: Comparative Satisfaction in Spanish and Hindi Speakers

Marielsy Pimentel
Satisfaction and effectiveness of CBT Digital health platform use among Latin American individuals residing in the United States

Celeste Sangiorgio
BrainFire: An Oxycodone Abuse VR Fitness Game that Conveys Mental Health and Bystander Intervention Information to Players

Kalpana Sundaram
Linguistic Adaptation of Digital Assisted Therapy for the Indian Population

Siena Tugendrajch
Enhancing the Trauma-Responsive Understanding Self-Assessment Tool (TRUST)

College of Liberal Arts

Jessica Wegman – Winner in the oral presentation category
Novel Object Recognition Memory in North American River Otters (Lontra canadensis)

Moet Aita
The Changing Food-Environment: An Investigation on Emotion Regulation and Emotional Eating in the Context of the Pandemic

Eleni Gogos
Problematic Social Media Use: Relation to Attachment, Emotion Regulation and Motivations for Use

Michael McTighe
Material Predictors in Virtual Endurance Sports

College of Science

Nicholas John – Winner in the oral presentation category
Data-Driven Pair Approximations for Coevolving Network Dynamics

Justin Sostre – Winner in the oral and poster presentation category
Modeling Adversarial Accuracy Degradation with Respect to Both Input and Parameter Perturbations

Jay Denison
LLPS of Atmospheric Aerosols and the Effects of Oxygen to Carbon Ratios

Adam Giammarese
Decision Tree-Based Parameter-Free Method for Chaotic Time Series Forecasting

Kamal Rana
Using machine learning and deep learning for landslide classification