Community Services and Programs

HARC offers various programs related to health and addictions to the community. Upcoming programs will be listed here. We are also happy to work with local organizations in the community more directly. For example we currently help the Drug Free Irondequoit organization ( with their drug awareness program.  We can provide educational training on various health behavior topics (e.g. behavior change related to eating or exercise, parent training for parents of children with behavioral concerns, social skills training for children, etc.), mental health and addiction. We can also provide research services for groups interested in health behavior that includes study design and data analysis. We provide some services free of charge depending on the scope of the work, the type of organization, and our availability. Other services have a fee involved.  Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Upcoming Programs

Summer Treatment Program Day Camp​ for children with behavioral concerns – Summer 2018

COMMUNITY PARENT EDUCATION PROGRAM – A flexible weekly Parenting Workshop for parents of 3 to 18 year-olds with behavioral concerns. Includes a Social Skills Training for children program! – Coming Soon! Email for more information.

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