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About the College

Message from the Dean

Welcome to RIT’s ninth and newest college - the College of Health Sciences and Technology (CHST). I am thrilled and honored to lead this exciting new venture for our students, faculty, staff, and community. This college is part of the larger Institute of Health Sciences and Technology (IHST), which includes the IHST Research Center and the IHST Outreach Center. Together, they serve to merge technology and medicine to educate future healthcare professionals, meet workforce and community needs, and develop and apply innovative new technologies in health care delivery.

As you browse our new web site, you will understand my enthusiasm. Our exceptional Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs are designed to prepare students for exciting careers in the growing and ever changing healthcare field. Our students combine their technical knowledge with their passion for helping others, and enter the workforce committed to improving healthcare delivery and to making a difference in the lives of their patients and the entire community. They are truly a cut above, and I am continually amazed by their dedication and commitment.

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You will also meet the distinguished and talented faculty that teach and mentor these exceptional students. And you will learn about the many areas of research that are currently ongoing in infectious disease control, immunology, cancer, cardiovascular disease, health systems engineering, biotechnology, bioengineering, imaging science, deaf technologies, medical devices, and more.

In addition, we are fortunate in our affiliation with Rochester General Health System, through the RIT and Rochester Regional Health Alliance, to be able to provide students with the added value of mentoring by real world doctors, nurses and technicians; while also providing the clinical, hands-on experience needed for the most complete and comprehensive educational experience.

Thank you for visiting. We would be delighted to welcome you into one of our exciting programs. I am proud to be a part of this new college and look forward to moving into the future of healthcare along with our outstanding students, faculty and staff. Please don’t hesitate to contact my office if I can assist you in any way.


Daniel Ornt, MD, FACP
Vice President and Dean, Institute and College of Health Sciences & Technology

About the College

The Institute of Health Sciences and Technology (IHST) is an academic unit administratively housed at RIT and hosts educational, research and outreach programs in the domain of health science and in support of innovative healthcare advances. Arising from the alliance with Rochester Regional Health, formed in 2008, the IHST captures the strategic partnership between these organizations through educational programming, research and community outreach. Specifically, the College of Health Sciences and Technology (CHST) houses all the educational programs for the IHST and will be the center for both clinically-related and biomedical research-based innovative, flexible programs designed to meet both present and future needs of the healthcare system.


The College of Health Sciences and Technology will be the center for both clinically-related and biomedical research-based innovative, flexible programs to meet both present and future needs of the health care system. As a community of dedicated faculty and staff, it is committed to diversity and student centeredness with the intention to deliver high quality education consistent with the mission of the Institute of Health Sciences and RIT. Building on a foundation of liberal arts and basic sciences, students will gain advanced knowledge in theoretical science and practical applications in experiential learning environments. These experiences will prepare students to serve humanity as practitioners, scientists, and leaders through their contribution to, and the provision of, high quality patient care, healthcare service, and/or applied translational biomedical research.

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