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Physical Wellness is generally defined as the pursuit of healthy lifestyle choices pertaining to regular physical activity and exercise and proper diet and nutrition. The Fitness Lab, in conjunction with many other departments and programs, looks to provide and enhance Physical Wellness resources for students at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Through the combined efforts of the Fitness Lab, the Center for Recreation and Intramurals, Student Wellness Services, and the Wellness Instructional Program, RIT Students have the opportunity to utilize a wide range of services that accommodate sedentary to highly active individuals.

While the Fitness Lab specifically provides students with Full Fitness Evaluations and Exercise Program Creation services, the services listed below have been designed to provide students with other resources pertaining to Physical Wellness.

The services listed below are recommended to be taken sequentially, but can also be utilized individually based on the needs and interests of the student.

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    Physical Wellness Consultation

    This service provides students with the opportunity to meet with a professional staff or faculty member who specializes in Physical Wellness. Common topics include: starting an exercise program, how to become more physically active, and general inquiries about how to incorporate RIT fitness based services and programs into your student schedule.

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    Full Fitness Evaluation

    This service provides students with a comprehensive evaluation of their physical fitness level taking into account all five components of health related fitness: Body Composition, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardiorespiratory Capacity, and Flexibility.

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    Exercise Program Creation

    This service provides students with a customized exercise program that is designed to meet their individualized needs and is meant to accommodate individuals that are not interested in working with a Personal Trainer. The program will be designed for implementation in one of RIT’s fitness centers, but can also be created to be completed in local health clubs.

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    Personal Training, Initial Consultation

    This service provides students with an opportunity to meet with one of the Wellness Instructional Program’s Personal Training Staff. During this appointment, students will discuss fitness interests and goals that will then be used by the Personal Trainer to create an exercise program. Please also schedule a Personal Training Session to occur with the same Trainer at least one full day after the Initial Consultation.

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    Fitness and Nutrition Program Adherence Counseling

    This service provides students with the opportunity to meet with a professional staff or faculty member within Student Wellness who specializes in Fitness and Nutrition Counseling. Common topics include: overcoming barriers to regular exercise and healthy nutrition, establishing a plan to achieve better adherence, and goal setting.

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    Nutrition Consultation

    This service provides students with the opportunity to meet with a 4th year Nutrition Management Student. Common topics include: daily caloric intake, healthy meal and snack options for college students, meal planning, and weight management.

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    Exercise Program Follow-up

    This service provides students that have completed an "Exercise Program Creation" appointment with the opportunity to follow-up on their program. Students will meet with a Wiedman Fitness Center Supervisor to address questions or concerns about their program. Common topics include: basic questions about technique, how to adjust a particular machine, or how to make their visit to the fitness center more time efficient.

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    Personal Training Session

    This service provides students with the opportunity to follow-up with their Personal Trainer to either implement and newly created exercise program or to continue working on an existing program. Sessions are one hour in length and can be scheduled as often as needed.