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Health Systems Administration

Certificate Options

The Health Systems Administration (HSA) program offers two certificate options to those exploring careers or considering advancing their careers within the health care industry.  Courses offered through HSA are entirely focused on expanding knowledge and skills to impact the complex US health care system.   

Health Systems Administration - Undergraduate Certificate (12 semester credits)

​​Program Overview

The health systems administration undergraduate certificate is designed for three types individuals:  First, students who have completed their associate degree or in the process of completing their bachelor’s degrees who are considering careers in health care but desire an orientation to the US health system; working professionals (without an earned bachelor’s degree) who are interested in exploring the health care delivery system; and finally, professionals that have invested in clinical degrees but their primary programs fell short of a completed bachelor’s degree who desire to understand the business-side of health care.  

There are three primary goals for this 4-course, 12 credit hour certificate—

  • Understand the role of the US health care system, how it compares to other countries systems, in achieving health and wellness;
  • appreciate the complexity of leading health care organizations to respond to the needs of their communities and the populations within them; and,
  • assess the leadership potential of those interested in careers within the design and delivery of high quality health service systems.

Courses and Schedule

Each of the 4, 3 credit hour courses are delivered online during the 15-week, fall and spring terms (see Academic Calendar for term dates).  Most courses are taught by faculty (see Faculty) teaching the graduate health systems administration courses.

Course Number Course Name
HLTH 315 Reinventing Health Care
HLTH 325 Health Care Leadership
HLTH 328 Finance for Health Care Professionals
HLTH 330 Health Care Planning and Program Development

Admission Requirements

Students who wish to pursue a certificate in health systems administration must have completed their associate degree (or the equivalent) with a minimum GPA of 2.0. To earn the certificate, students must attain a GPA of 2.5 or higher in the certificate courses.

Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate full and part-time tuition and fees are available at Online Tuition and Fees.

Health Care Finance - Advanced Certificate (12 semester credits)

Program Overview

The advanced certificate in health care finance assists professionals in updating a set of skills or pursuing a career change. The advanced certificate may serve as a stand-alone credential, or, at a later date if a student decides to pursue the master of science program in health systems administration, courses may be applied toward the requirements of the master of science program.

Course Number Course Name
HLTH 730 Health Care Financial Management I: Basic Principles and Practice
HLTH 732 Health Insurance and Reimbursement
HLTH 735 Management of Risk in Health Care
HLTH 737 Lean Sigma in Health Care

Admission Requirements

Students who wish to pursue an advanced certificate in health care finance must have completed a bachelor’s degree with some health care experience. Individuals without health care experience should contact the program director to ensure they are prepared for the rigor of the coursework. See the Admission link to learn how to apply.

Tuition & Fees

Graduate full and part-time tuition and fees are available at Online Tuition and Fees.

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