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Priority Behavioral Health & Clinical Psychology Internship

Applicant Qualifications

Strong applicants for this placement generally have experience in addiction, family violence or forensic populations. Ideally, interns will have experience with inpatient or outpatient addiction settings with experience using evidence based approaches (e.g., MET, CBT, DBT, TSF), assessments (SCID, computer assisted assessments) and testing experience (e.g., WAISIII, WMSIII, Rorschach, TAT, Bender-Gestalt, MMPI/MCMI-III, PAI, Shipley and/or other Neuropsychological Test Batteries). Preferably, interns with primary these experiences will also have worked in outpatient clinics and/or populations involved in the criminal justice system. Interns who match with this placement have future goals of clinical research and/or specialized clinical work in community mental health, addiction or forensic areas.

Applicants selected for this placement must successfully pass background checks conducted by RIT and the County. Since this placement requires travel between different training sites, previous interns have considered it essential to have access to their own car.

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