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Priority Behavioral Health & Clinical Psychology Internship


Structure: Interns in this program are referred to as "psychology interns." The internship begins on July 1 and concludes on June 30 of each academic year.  Placement-Full-Time, Full Year, 40 hours/week.

Primary placement, 1 full year, 4 days per week at any one or combination of the following sites and 1 day at Rochester Institute of Technology’s main campus for additional supervision, didactics, clinical discussions and scholar activities:


CCSI Full-Time Rotation

CCSI, Coordinated Care Services, Incorporated provides a broad array of management services and technical assistance specifically tailored to meet the needs of local behavioral health, social and human service departments, state agencies, and community-based organization in Monroe County, across New York State, and beyond.

The CCSI Clinical Rotation would provide trainees with opportunities to work in area schools supporting trauma-informed care initiatives (supporting and training school staff, conducting classroom observations, etc.), as well as provide consultation to behavioral health organizations (identifying and measuring outcomes, navigating the transition to managed care and value-based payments, etc.). Interns will also be providing assessments, psychological testing and providing evidenced-based care to children with behavioral health treatment needs at one of CCSI’s partner agencies (e.g., Hillside) at School 17 and/or nearby Hillside School Based Programs. This rotation will also allow interns to have access to a number of datasets at CCSI from which to develop a research project that is of interest to both CCSI and the intern (Medicaid claims data for NYS, ACEs and risk behaviors in adolescents, impact of state dollars on system transformation efforts to name a few).

Rochester Regional Health (RRH) Full-Time Rotation

The RRH Clinical rotation will provide trainees with opportunities at both RRH’s Evelyn Brandon Health Clinic and Greece Mental Health Clinic. The client population that the trainees with be treating is 18 and older. The psychiatric characteristics of clients treated includes the full diagnostic range of the DSM 5, from Adjustment Disorders to Serious and Persistently Mentally Ill individuals with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder, this includes dually diagnosed Chemical Use Disorders. Pre-doctoral interns do have opportunity to provide psychological and cognitive testing to the clients being treated at these psychiatric hospital settings. Evidence-based psychotherapy training opportunities include interpersonal psychotherapy, cognitive processing therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. In addition, each adult outpatient mental health location offers a wide variety of groups and specific training in group psychotherapy process and facilitation. Each pre-doctoral intern receives one hour of individual clinical supervision on-site, one hour of assessment supervision on-site, and one hour of group supervision per week on-site along with other treatment team supervision hours. Additional 1:1 supervision is located onsite at Rochester Institute of Technology’s Campus where all interns convene for supervision, didactic seminars and scholar. In addition to the outpatient adult clinic experience, one intern rotation involves providing psychological testing to children and youth ages 6 to 21 years; the other intern rotation involves proving opportunities for psychological testing in the psychiatric inpatient treatment setting serving adults 18 and older who have a range of Serious and Persisting Mental Health Disorders and/or Co-Occurring Addiction Treatment Needs.

Additional rotations or tracks may occur at the following sites within RRH:

Genesee Mental Health Center is an outpatient only mental health clinic. Its outpatient programs include an adult outpatient mental health program, child and adolescent outpatient mental health program, and the PROS program. All of the programs are located in proximity to each other, but have their own space. The child and adult waiting rooms are next to each other, but still have separate spaces. The PROS program has its own entrance that connects to a milieu area where some of the program is run. Each of the programs has its own dedicated group rooms and there are offices for each of the therapists/interns. There are staff meeting rooms, support offices, directors and managers offices, and provider offices as well. Each of the programs is also staffed by psychiatry services that include one or more Psych NP or Psychiatrist as staff.

Hillside Full-Time Rotation

The Hillside Family of Agencies is a non-profit organization consisting of more than 100 coordinated programs in 41 locations across New York and Maryland which provide comprehensive health, education, and human services for children and families. Two Hillside facilities are utilized for internship training. Interns work in two sites, with interns placed at the Children’s Center’s Varick and Monroe Campuses.

Currently, the Hillside rotations provide training in two child track rotations. The placements are located at one of Hillside Family of Agencies' residential treatment center in and around Rochester, NY. Interns at this placement site work as part of a multidisciplinary team treating youth placed in residential care from across New York State. The intern is responsible for psychological evaluations, consultation with the treatment team including family and external funders, and delivery of evidence-based group and individual therapy. Interns placed with the Hillside Family of Agencies will work directly with youth and families who have experienced complex and intergenerational trauma. Evidence practices used include dialectical behavior therapy and trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. Applicants from clinical, school, and counseling programs are welcomed. Prior training or experience in the noted evidence-based practices, child and adolescent clinical assessment and treatment, and experience working in complex systems and as a multidisciplinary team preferred.




Interns will have the opportunity to partake in state of the art, on-going research by participating in any one of the following projects:

CHST’s Behavioral Health Clinic and Research:


CHST’s Behavioral Health Clinic and Research:

  1. Family Violence & Addiction Interventions & Research; Clinical Research & Forensics. This involves on-going clinical trials and/or secondary data analyses from NIH funded research or other active grant protocols (Drs. Easton and Crane);
  2. Medical Interactive Therapy Research & Interactive Technologies (e.g., Research utilizing Virtual and Simulated Therapeutic Environments). This involves field-testing Virtual Reality Technologies and Avatar Therapy Platforms ground in CBT to clients with addiction and co-occurring aggressive behaviors. Additionally, the Avatar platforms have been adapted for use with at risk male and female juveniles who need help decreasing substance misuse and conflict (Drs. Doolittle and Easton).




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