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Priority Behavioral Health & Clinical Psychology Internship

Research and Scholarship

Interns participate in a weekly scholarly seminar hosted by the behavioral health medical interactive therapy team. As part of this seminar, interns are assigned to write up a case or data related to science, technology and patient care.  Students are encouraged to analyze and draft a paper on a data set assessing the link between drugs, mental illness, and crime or concept papers to assess integrative health care approaches and the use of technology. The papers highlight aspects of the case and/or data that are relevant to the field of forensic psychology and /or medical care. Interns work on the article with a faculty member, and are generally listed as the first author. The papers may be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal such as the Advances in Dual Diagnosis Journal and the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry. This seminar will also cover the role of psychiatry and psychology in the community mental health, defining psychiatric illness as it relates to the criminal justice system, and presentation of psychiatric evaluations in both written and spoken formats. Further, interns have the opportunity to observe a mock trial that demonstrates the intricacies of presenting psychological evaluations within a courtroom setting.

Interns in this placement work with nationally and internationally known addiction researchers and are involved in grant funded clinical research focused on the development of efficacious treatments for addiction, trauma, and violence including psychotherapy treatment trials (Addiction and Intimate Partner Violence Therapies). Finally, interns have the opportunity to attend research seminars, meetings, and writing scholarly projects with faculty associated with addiction-focused NIH-funded or foundation funded research located within CHST’s School of Behavioral Health.

Local, National and International Research and Scholarship

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