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Premedical & Health Professions Advising

Experiential Learning

Medical schools are looking for students who show not only excellent academic promise, but also those who have really tried to gain experience in the field. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that anyone interested in applying to medical school take full advantage of the many opportunities available for experiential learning. And remember, the more "hands-on" the better. A few hours of shadowing a doctor pales in comparison to joining an ambulance corps and going through EMT training. That being said, here are some resources that will be helpful in the search for experiential learning opportunities.

EMS (Emergency Medical Service)

EMS experience is extremely useful to those looking to pursue a career in medicine. Not only is it real field experience, it also allows you to develop leadership skills and quick thinking.

At RIT, EMS experience can be had by joining the RIT Ambulance Corps. They accept applications at the beginning of each quarter.

One obvious benefit of joining an EMS agency is the training you can receive. EMT training is very desirable in medical school applicants, because it shows both a commitment to medicine and excellent time management skills. If in the Rochester area, one of the best places to go for this training is the Monroe Community College Public Safety Training Center.

Other Experience

Training as a Certified Nurse's Assistant for the Unity Health and Strong Health Co-ops can be another useful stepping stone to medical school. Also consider another step when that is completed, becoming a Patient Care Technician. This will demonstrate your dedication to the field.

If EMS isn't for you, consider doing other scientific research. Visit Dr. Tom Frederick's site for excellent resources in finding such positions.

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