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Premedical & Health Professions

Why RIT for Premedical & Health Professions Studies?

Top 10 reasons to come to RIT for Premedical & Health Professions Studies:

  1. Since our program is modest in size, all students receive individualized advising from the Program Director.
  2. Tutoring services for premedical & health professions students are available.
  3. MCAT Review class is offered on campus, free of charge, taught by experienced faculty.
  4. Premedical & Health Professions Student Association organizes many Volunteer and social activities and invites speakers to campus, who talk about how to be a successful medical school applicant.
  5. Our Reputation as a co-op school is helpful when students apply for summer internships.
  6. RIT Ambulance, a student run EMS organization, provides important medical experience for premedical students.
  7. Our interview rate is 100%.
  8. Our alumni, who are currently enrolled in medical schools, tell us how well RIT prepared them for their medical studies.
  9. Students receive one-on-one assistance with all aspects of the intimidating medical school application process.
  10. Students who reapply after graduation continue to receive full support from our Premedical Studies Office.
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