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Program Goals & Student Learning Outcomes

MS Health Systems Administration
Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

The following goals and learning outcomes serve as a foundation of the health systems administration graduate degree curricula.

Demonstrate knowledge of health care delivery in the US and trends impacting the system

  • Evaluate how health care is regulated and financed in the U.S. against health outcomes achieved.
  • Compare and contrast the US health care model to models used by other global economies.

Make reasoned decisions based on personal and professional ethics

  • Make reasoned decisions involving personal and professional ethics

Demonstrate knowledge of efficient and effective financial planning for health care operations

  • Develop a financial plan for health care that meets the needs of the payers, manages risk and reflects efficiencies in operations

Apply systems theory to develop a culture that delivers high quality services with desired health outcomes

  • Design facilities and services; manage their customers and demonstrate a leadership style to promote healing

Demonstrate the ability to lead an organization working with teams to develop strategies which implements change to meet needs

  • Demonstrate leadership working through health care teams to affect change
  • Develop strategies for health care organizations to meet the needs of the communities and populations they serve
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