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Developers of Biofeedback Technology

Mind Media

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Ever since its foundation in 1992, Mind Media has been a pioneer in providing smart and versatile solutions for biofeedback, neurofeedback and physiological monitoring. The institute focuses on empowering professionals to assess and train human behavior and neurophysiology for improving health and performance. Its wireless NeXus systems prove to be the best choice for thousands of researchers, athletes, clinicians, therapists, and other professionals worldwide. Its products and service are distributed through a network of exclusive resellers in over 50 countries.

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Heartmath Institute

Heartmath Institute has developed the EmWave Pro and the EmWave2 systems as well as other user-friendly biofeedback and self-regulation tools. The institute focuses on empowering people to reduce their stress and increase their resilience. Their research has formed a foundation for worldwide training and education programs. The institute has worked with major corporations, government and social-service agencies, including all branches of the military, as well as schools, universities, hospitals and other health-care and law enforcement agencies.