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Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Employment Opportunities

Sonographers enjoy the best that the medical field has to offer. Using the latest technology, caring for others, and working in a vibrant health care environment make ultrasound a fun and exciting career. Sonographers are challenged on a daily basis to provide the best possible care and examination. Sonographers are not just found in hospitals. Private offices, clinics, and even mobile ultrasound companies are also employers of sonographers. With the wide range of workplace options also comes the variety of specialties in ultrasound and flexible hours and work schedules. Direct healthcare settings aren't the only place to work either. Companies that manufacture ultrasound machines often need Sonographer specialists to help market, sell, and demonstrate their machines.

The current demand is very high for sonographers throughout the United States and abroad. It has been shown that the demand for sonographers will continue to increase well into the future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment in the field of Medical Sonography is predicted to grow 45.5% between 2010 and 2020. The gowth is among the fastest rates in all healthcare jobs. As a result, as the demand grows for competent sonographers, so will the salaries.

The attractive salaries and flexible work hours, as well as the diversity of options available and the lack of geographical limitations on employment opportunities, make Ultrasound an attractive career field. According to the BLS, Medical Sonography is on its list of the best jobs of 2013. Sonographers may choose from a wide variety of medical specialties—the one that they enjoy the most.

According to the BLS, the median salary for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers is $65, 210. The mean hourly wage for a sonographer is $31.63. The top ten percent of sonographers earned $90,640 annually.  Other sonographers which are in the 75th percentile range earned $76,060. Sonographers who are in the 25th percentile earned $44,950.

In addition, sonographers may add up to their base salary when they take responsibility for emergency call-in procedures as well as performing extra tasks as requested by the department. Please note that salaries vary depending on many different factors including geographic area, amount of experience, registry status, etc.

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