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Diagnostic Medical Sonography

High-Tech Facilities

Our Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program with all of its options is well-known for its emphasis not only on the didactic aspect but also on the practical (hands-on) and clinical aspect. Consequently, it is imperative that our facilities are up-to-date and are equipped with the necessary equipment and this is highly reflected in our continued efforts and investment in obtaining state-of-the-arts equipment. We are very proud of our state-of-the-art Ultrasound Scanning Suite. This Scanning Suite offers our students the opportunity to apply their theoretical understanding of the fundamentals covered in lecture as well as enhance their ultrasound skills and techniques. This Scanning Suite is operated and run by well-qualified, motivated and supportive faculty members who provide superior and clinically relevant education and hands-on experience to our students prior to their clinical internships.

Ultrasound High-Tech FacilitiesUltrasound High-Tech FacilitiesUltrasound High-Tech FacilitiesUltrasound High-Tech FacilitiesUltrasound High-Tech FacilitiesUltrasound High-Tech FacilitiesUltrasound High-Tech FacilitiesUltrasound High-Tech Facilities

Our commitment to the high-quality preparation and training of our students has led us to equip the Scanning Suite with a state-of-the-art OB/GYN simulator that is capable of providing full computer-interfaced ultrasound images of the human reproductive system in various states of health, pregnancy and disease and which was later named Fiona by the students. This system which can only be found at very few facilities across the world closely parallels scanning on real people. This simulator allows our students to experience the OB/GYN portion of the Program in a controlled setting without outside pressures and expose them to the OB/GYN world way before they get out to hospitals and clinics where they begin working with real patients.

Our Scanning Suite is located in the Center for Bioscience Education and Technology (Bldg. 75). The Scanning Suite houses a variety of ultrasound equipment with several ultrasound examination capabilities.

The Ultrasound Scanning Suite is made available to our students in a variety of ways:

  • During scheduled labs, the student has access to the lab and equipment. He/she is provided with assistance and instruction by one or more faculty member(s). These faculty members also observe demonstrations of assigned lab work and provide technical assistance.
  • Students have unlimited card-swipe access to the lab.
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