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Dietetics and Nutrition

Mission Goals & Outcomes


The mission of the Dietetics and Nutrition program at the Rochester Institute of Technology is based on the philosophy that a college graduate should have a broad-based education. This encompasses meeting the current and future needs of students including preparation for registration eligibility and successful supervised practice as well as careers in the changing food and nutrition environment to better serve society.

Goals of the Dietetics and Nutrition​​​​​​ Program

  1. Prepare students for successful application to accredited supervised practice programs and/or graduate school and to become competent, entry level Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.
  2. Prepare graduates to continually participate in professional development.

Objectives/Outcomes of the Dietetics and Nutrition Program

  1. Over a five year period, the program will achieve at least an 80% first time pass rate on RD exam. Current data = 100% first time pass rate on RD exam.
  2. Over a five year period, 80% of all students who apply will achieve supervised practice acceptance within 12 months of graduation. Current data = 100% acceptance into a supervised practice program.
  3. Over a five year period, 60% of program graduates will apply to dietetic internship programs or pathways offering supervised practice programs within 12 months of graduation. Current data = 96% applied to supervised practice program.
  4. 75% of students enrolled are expected to complete the program within 150% of the time planned for completion, i.e., 3 years from the start of the third year. Current data = 100% of students complete the program.
  5. 95% of supervised practice directors will verify that students were adequately prepared for supervised practice. Current data = 100% of supervised practice directors verified that students were prepared.
  6. 95% of graduates who complete supervised practice will verify that they were prepared. Current data = 100% of graduates verified that they were prepared.
  7. 85% of program students applying to graduate school will be accepted. Current data = 100% of students were accepted.
  8. 100% of students in the third and fourth year of the program will be members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND). Students may also elect to be members of other national nutrition-focused organizations eg. Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior, American Society for Nutrition, International Society for Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. Current data=100% of third and fourth year students are AND members.
  9. 100% of all graduates who become RDNs will participate in professional development activities required for maintenance of RDN status. Current data=100% of graduates in past five years who became RDNs have maintained their RDN status.

Further program outcomes data available on request from the DPD Program Director.

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