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Exercise Science

Clinical Track

The Clinical Track is designed for students interested in using exercise as therapy.  Clinical Exercise Medicine is an emerging field that is poised to grow as the population ages.  This field is for students who see the opportunity to provide exercise/fitness services as an integrated medical service.  With an entrepreneurial spirit students will prepare themselves to become the newest practitioners in the healthcare field.  Clinical Exercise Physiologists perform fitness assessments, design exercise prescriptions and implement therapeutic exercise programs for health promotion.

Clinical Track Curriculum

Clinical Courses Credit Hours When Offered
EXSC 207 Exercise For Special Populations 3 Spring
EXSC 320 Coaching Healthy Behaviors 3 Spring
EXSC 360 Worksite Health Promotion 3  Fall
EXSC 370 Senior Adult Fitness 3 Fall
EXSC 440 Cardiac Rehabilitation 3 Spring


Professional certification is an important part of the credentialing process for a growing number of healthcare fields.  The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) provides certifications that validate the knowledge, skills and abilities of fitness and exercise practitioners. Students who complete the core and Clinical Track courses as well as earn their Bachelor’s Degree from the Exercise Science Program will be well prepared to take the ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist exam.

Career Links:

Check out these employers for job openings for people with the specific degree and skill set of graduates of the Clinical Track in the Exercise Science Program.

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