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Dietetics and Nutrition

What Our Graduates Have to Say

“Wanted to share some good news, I have officially passed my RD exam and am employed full time at Demay Living Center in Newark. Thank you for everything over the years, I wouldn't be where I am now without you! I couldn't not share this joyful news with you as you were such important parts of the foundation.”

Emily Pierce RDN, Class of 2013

“I have found my co-op experience working at Highland Hospital to be invaluable. Working at Highland Hospital made me comfortable in an acute care setting. I became familiar with the lingo, ordering supplements, looking through electronic medical records, working with dietitians and food service workers, interacting with nurses, physicians and other hospital staff- having these experiences has really helped me be confident and comfortable quickly during my inpatient rotations…So far, I have felt really prepared for the (Penn State) internship!

Emma Witwer RDN, Class of 2015

Thank you so much for pushing me to become a well-rounded and outgoing person! I am already seeing it pay off and will never forget who helped to build this drive.”

Anna Ensslin RDN, Class of 2015

Thank you so much for truly preparing us for internship. I found it easy to transition from RIT to UB and begin the internship.”

Emilie Liddle, Class of 2015  

My RIT course work and experience have been a great preparation for the (Cornell University) internship... Given that I am currently in the last two weeks of Food Service, I'll mention all of the RIT culinary related classes have also been a great help for the internship.”

Sherry Wuensch RDN, Class of 2014

“I completed my Online Dietetic Internship from SUNY Oneonta with my Masters of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics this May. I hope you know how grateful I am for all of your hard work in making my career dreams come true!”

Emily Cope RDN, Class of 2013

“I love my internship (Massachusetts General) and love the city of Boston! …Every rotation has been so different from the last and each pushes me in ways that I did not expect - building on my strengths, stepping outside my comfort zone, and/or learning from others.. Thank you for preparing me for such a challenging, rewarding, humbling, and refreshing year! I have felt many times over the past few months an overwhelming feeling of, "I have found my path. This is where I am supposed to be." It feels amazing to be able to say that at this point in my life. I thank you for your guidance and support to get me to where I am today.”

Renee Ortolani RDN, Class of 2014

“Thanks so much for giving me the preparation I needed to do well in this intense program (University of Minnesota Medical Center) - I definitely feel as though I am prepared.”

April Harding RDN, Class of 2014

“I completed my internship with Morrisons in May. The internship was a wonderful experience - my rotations included a public school district in Ridgefield, CT, three weeks at WIC, and my clinical rotation at Yale New Haven Hospital. Within the clinical rotation we had 3 weeks of electives where I experienced pediatrics, a private practice, and an outpatient oncology center…Thank you for the large role that you both played in helping me to be where I am today.” 

Jennifer Tripodi, RDN, Class of 2013

I am finding my undergraduate education and preparation from RIT to come in VERY handy during this (University of Buffalo) internship…I need to stress this, the MNT case studies are a blessing in disguise. They allowed me to practice assessment and care of patients with various common diagnoses before it became real life. A big part of the RD's role is detective work and problem solving, and those case studies required us to do just that. I was so thankful I had the familiarity with those conditions, and had them to refer back to. We were actually assigned one with the exact same format, and I was a pro!”

Christine Walsh RDN, Class of 2013

“I have just successfully completed my first week as a Graduate student/ Graduate Teaching Assistant / Dietetic Intern at Northern Illinois University. I wanted to say that while this first week has been overwhelming, I have felt very prepared and wanted to thank you .” 

Jamie Aleckna RDN, Class of 2013

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that my boss was involved in interviewing prospective students for the SU internship program and was extremely impressed with those from R.I.T.  She commented on several occasions that they really stood out from the rest!  Kudos to R.I.T.!!  Danielle (class of 2010) and I were, of course, quick to point out that we are products of R.I.T. and this is why we are so wonderful!”

Sue Stull RDN, Class of 1987

“My internship experience (University of Kentucky) has been amazing so far; I have met so many wonderful people and have been personally tested in many ways.  Every day I feel lucky for being so prepared from my undergraduate classes. My program is all about constant evaluation so I am always trying to work on myself, while taking the valuable critiques with a smile! I really feel like I am creating a great impression on my fellow interns and preceptors, it is a great feeling. I wanted to say thank you to both of you for pushing me outside of my comfort zone; this experience, I can tell, is going to be one of the biggest and best of my life.” 

Katie Lewis RDN, Class of 2012

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