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Nutritional Sciences


What is co-op?

Co-op is a full-time paid work experience for at least 400 hours in an industry related to food and nutrition. Students register for co-op just like a class but do not pay tuition. The course is graded as pass/fail. Students are required to complete two co–op experiences to receive their BS degree in Nutritional Sciences and the majority complete their co-op experiences in the summer. For transfer students possessing at least an associates degree, one co-op may be waived.

Why co-op?

The RIT co-op program helps to connect students to real world experiences necessary to achieve their career goals and be successful after graduation.

What type of position do I seek?

Co-op positions are learning experiences. Students often complete co-ops with job titles such as Diet Clerk, Health/Nutrition Educator, Nutrition Assistant, Cook, Food Service Worker, Prep Cook/Worker, Patient Care Technician etc.

Where have students done a co-op?

A sample of common co-op employers in the Rochester area include: Wegmans, Rochester General Hospital, Strong Memorial Hospital, Highland Hospital, Wegmans, St. John’s Home, RIT Dining Services and Monroe Community Hospital. Many students complete co-ops in their hometown area as well as in other locations throughout the United States and while studying abroad.

How do I find a co-op?

  • Networking with your colleagues (i.e.: fellow nutrition students, especially upperclassmen)
  • JobZone (RIT’s job portal)
  • Emails from co-op advisor regarding opportunities

How can I be certain that a work experience will count as a co-op?

Send the position description to Nutritional Sciences program director and co-op placement office advisor for their evaluation.

RIT Resources

RIT’s Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education provides a variety of resource to help students through the co-op process.

  • Resume guidance
  • Cover letters
  • How to use JobZone
  • Mock interviews

Co-op Experiences

Kate Bartleson, Class of 2015
Job Title: Foodservice Association, Rochester Regional Health System, Rochester NY
“The positive experiences at Rochester General Hospital were abundant. Working with patients to create a more comfortable environment was most rewarding. Food was one of the rare things that made them happy. I made several contacts within the nutrition department, which can help me in the future. Getting to know other employees throughout the kitchen and the hospital was great as well.”

Jennifer Everdyke, Class of 2016
Job Title: Dietary Assistant, Gates Chili Central School District, Rochester NY
“I enjoyed learning more about menu planning while combining nutrition into federal guidelines.  I loved the opportunities that I was given to interact with those who took advantage of the free summer meals program as well.”

Brook Busa, Class of 2019
Job Title: Nutrition & Product Labeling Team Member, Wegmans, Rochester NY
"Wegmans has given me countless opportunity thus far in my internship. My co-workers radiate with positivity and excitement. They are always willing to lend a helping hand and have taught me more than I could have ever imagined. I have been challenged a lot at this internship and it is really empowering. I feel like I am making a difference at Wegmans and I can see myself working here in the future. This internship has helped solidify the career path I want to take; I am extremely thankful I was afforded this opportunity through RIT."

Co-op Contact

Mindy Blake

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