RIT President Emeritus

So many new buildings have emerged, housing advanced labs, studios, research endeavors, and student gathering venues.  After 25 years of participating in and observing all of this, what I hold dearest, however, are the camaraderie and sense of family permeating the RIT campus community and the community at large.  In so many inner cities, such as Boston where my parents grew up, there is no grass or trees – only bricks, cement, apartment buildings, and store fronts.  So when I visited that neighborhood every weekend, we played stick ball – broom stick handles, a rubber ball, and buildings to hit the ball against.  The annual RIT stick ball tournament (I pitched) -- played in the Administrative Circle -- for students, faculty, and staff was nostalgic for me and others.  During the week growing up in a Boston suburb, I played baseball and softball on finely cut grass infields and outfields.  The annual RIT softball tournament (I pitched) -- played on RIT’s athletics fields -- for students, faculty, staff, alumni, NYS legislators, and business executives was also nostalgic for me and others.  When everyone works and plays together, memories never fade.