Manager of Staff Recruitment / Human Resource Manager

When I reflect back to 1968 and our move to the “New Campus” I remember feeling like many others; how can we leave the “old campus”, what about the Past Time, what about shopping at Midtown, what about all the beautiful historic buildings that contained offices, classrooms and labs; all the hustle and bustle of a downtown campus would all be gone!

Well, we had to let go of those feelings and move out to Henrietta and accept the fact that all the fields and open spaces would give birth to a “New Campus”. My department, Personnel, as it was called in those days, was located in the “Eastman Tower”, a name many people used and was one of the first buildings to be occupied. I have so many memories of that period of time in RIT’s history, but one of my favorite memories was the dedication of the “New Campus” and seeing Dr. Ellingson, the President, cut a very LARGE cake that was created as a replica of our “New Campus”! There was so much to celebrate that day! Fifty years ago an urban campus become a suburban campus. The move was critical to the growth of RIT as a university and every day it is evident to me it was a very good decision.