Housing Selection 2022-2023


Housing Selection is the process you must participate in to secure RIT housing for the 2022-2023 academic year


To Complete a 2022-2023 Housing and Dining Contract

Visit the MyLife Portal



Housing Renewal

Has now ended

Students who live in the RIT Inn, Perkins Green, Riverknoll, 175 Jefferson, or University Commons this year are eligible to participate in Housing Renewal. Students that decide not to renew their current space or miss the opportunity to renew for 2022-2023, may still participate in Room Selection. 



Room Selection

Begins January 24, 2022

Students who live in Residence Halls, Global Village, or Greek Circle this year are eligible to participate in Room Selection. Students who did not renew their current room during Housing Renewal and students living in non-RIT housing, on co-op, or studying abroad may participate in this process.

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Students living in RIT Housing consistently perform better academically than students living off campus.

Housing Renewal

The renewal process has now ended. You must participate in Room Selection to obtain housing for the 22-23 academic year. See instructions below. 


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Room Selection

As you choose your RIT housing, consider if you will search for housing as an individual or with a roommate(s). Make sure to review our residences, rates, and housing comparison tool to choose the housing option that is the best fit for you.

Save These Dates

  • January 24 - 30: Complete contracts and form your roommate group
  • February 3: Room selection appointments emailed
  • February 7 -18: Select your room


  • Students currently living in Residence Halls, Global Village, or Greek Circle
  • Students who did not renew their current room in RIT Inn, Perkins Green, Riverknoll, or University Commons during Housing Renewal 
  • Students previously living in non-RIT housing, on co-op, or studying abroad

Room Selection Steps

Step 1: Contracts and Roommates

Between January 24-30, 2022, visit the myLife portal to complete a 2022-2023 RIT Housing contract. Students who submit their contracts between these dates will receive an appointment to select a room. 

Do you plan on having roommates? You will need to form a group. 

  • The person who creates a group is the Group Leader. The Group Leader can invite other students to join the group. The Group Leader will only be able to invite other student(s) if the student(s) have completed a 2022-2023 RIT Housing contract.
  • Students can search for a group and click Join Group after they have completed a housing contract.


Are You Ready to Apply?

The first steps start by completing your RIT Housing contract in the myLife portal.

Complete Your Contract

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Step 2: Appointments Emailed

On February 3, 2022, RIT Housing will email your appointment information to you. Save this information. This date and time is the earliest that you may sign in to the myLife portal to select a room.

Step 3: Room Selection

The process when students select a room occurs between February 7-18, 2022. On your appointment day and time, visit the myLife portal and select a room or place yourself on a waitlist. 

Note: Room Selection will be grayed out and unavailable until your appointment.

View the following instructions to complete each step of selecting a room:

Log into the myLife portal on your appointment day and time. Room Selection will be on the left menu bar.

  • Group Leaders – you can assign yourself and your group into a room.
  • Members of a group – you can let your chosen group leader assign you into a room. You can also decide to assign yourself. If you decide to assign yourself, you will go as an individual. Your group will no longer be linked.
  • Students not in a roommate group – you will assign yourself as an individual to a space.

Select Room Selection.

  • You have the option to filter by Locations or Floor/Suites.
  • A list of available bed spaces will populate and you may pick up to 5 different selections to add to your cart.
  • There is a 5 minute time limit on items in your cart. You can add/remove selections from your cart.

A group leader or individual will choose the bed spaces to assign in a room/suite/apartment.

  • Select Bed option – select this box is to assign a bed to yourself.
  • Select for Roommate option – select this box is to assign your roommate(s).

You will be asked to re-confirm the bed space assignments on another page. The orange Make Room Assignments button must be clicked in order for the assignment(s) to be finalized.

If you do not see the type of housing you are looking for, you may choose to place yourself on a waitlist. You can sign up for up to 5 different waitlists. 

Review this information before choosing to place yourself on a waitlist:

  • Putting yourself on a waitlist as an individual means that you are no longer part of a group.
  • Putting your name on a waitlist for a certain type of housing does not guarantee that you will be assigned to that housing.
  • You can see your place on a waitlist when you select it.

There is an option to change your assignment during the Room Selection process – the last day to change your assignment is February 18, 2022.

Changing your assignment is done on an individual basis. If you and a roommate want to change your booking, you will each sign in to the myLife portal and go to Room Swap under Next Steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Appointment dates and times are assigned in class standing order with current first year students going first, followed by second-, third-, fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-year students.
  • Within each year level, students will be randomly ordered by a computer program. This random ordering will not occur until the day before appointment times are emailed to students.

For the purpose of Room Selection, you will remain in the first-year grouping.

The residence halls, RIT Inn, Perkins Green and Riverknoll apartments, University Commons suites and Global Village suites will be available during room selection.

If you complete a 22-23 RIT housing contract for Room Selection, but do not select a room or add yourself to a waitlist, RIT Housing will add you to a waitlist based on your preferences.

Students who do not fill the vacancy(ies) in their apartments/suites by 11:59 p.m. on November 21, 2021 will no longer have the opportunity to request a roommate(s). The vacancy will be entered into the available space pool for Room Selection process.

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