Policies and Procedures for Summer Conference

General Planning Information

Summer Conference Housing Dates

Guests can be accommodated beginning Sunday, May 22, 2023. The final day we will be able to house conference guests is Monday, August 1, 2023.

Application for Use of Summer Housing

To begin the formal process, please complete the Application for Use of Summer Housing. Upon receipt of the application, you will be contacted by the Assistant Director of RIT Housing to schedule an initial meeting and discuss further details and special arrangements.

Final Attendance Guarantee

A final attendance guarantee, if different from the number of participants indicated on the Application for Use of Summer Housing, must be received in writing ten (10) days prior to the conference arrival date. If total headcount increases after the 10 day deadline, new attendee requests will be pending approval. If total headcount decreases after the 10 day deadline, there will be a $50 no show fee per attendee. Event planners are responsible for meeting all due dates listed (See Event Planner Checklist). The Summer Housing Office cannot guarantee arrangements requested after deadlines. Internal groups should feel free to contact the Assistant Director of RIT Housing regarding any questions and to keep us informed of your needs

Housing Information

Housing Options

Residence Halls

RIT offers double-as-single, double, and triple (if available) rooms in the residence halls. A double-as-single room refers to one person only being assigned to a double occupancy room; double means that two people are assigned to one double room (rates are based on per person, per night charges - not per room). Double rooms are carpeted and furnished with 2 twin beds, (2) 33”x79” mattresses, 2 dressers, 2 desks, 2 chairs, and 2 closets. Triple rooms are carpeted and furnished with 3 sets of the previously listed furniture items.

All beds will be un-bunked with the desk positioned next to the bed upon the guests’ arrival. For special lofting requests, the event planner must document this on the application for use of summer housing facilities.

Guests may wish to bring lamps since there is only one soft overhead light in the entry way of each room. Some of the residence halls are not air-conditioned; therefore you may want to encourage your participants to bring a fan.

Residence halls are set up corridor style with shared single-sex bathrooms. Most bathrooms are designed with two shower stalls. There is a microfridge provided in each room, which is a combination refrigerator, freezer, and microwave.

Global Village

Global Village provides suite-style housing with lounges, community kitchens, meeting spaces, and laundry rooms. Each suite offers four single bedrooms and one double bedroom (used as a single bedroom), which include a bed with storage unit underneath, a twin XL mattress (7.25” x 36” x 80”), desk, chair, wardrobe closet, and window shades. There are two full bathrooms and a common living area within the suite. The complex also features a number of services a few feet away, which include a post office, hair salon, restaurants, convenience store, and an art, craft, and design shop.

Room Assignments

For the majority of groups, room assignments are made prior to a group’s arrival. In order to make room assignments and to ensure an accurate record of participants, the associate director of housing must receive a typed list of your conference participants no later than ten (10) days prior to the first day of your conference. Rosters provided after the (10) days will be charged a $25.00 late fee. The list must include both first and last names, age, gender, and any roommate preference. If no roommate preference is listed, we will pair guests on a random basis according to their gender. Please also indicate early arrivals or late departures by date. Any special requests for room location must be submitted along with the final roster (e.g. separation of males and females on the floor, placement of chaperone’s, or the need for housing three guests in a triple). Male and females may not share a room unless they make a request with the RIT Housing office.

Global Village suites consist of one double bedroom and 4 single bedrooms for a total occupancy of 6 people. Each suite will require a minimum of 4 people to remain exclusive to one group. If there are less than 4 people in a suite, We understand that emergency situations may require room changes, however, please note that after the ten (10) day deadline we may not be able to accommodate housing changes. Should we be able to accommodate such changes, there will be a minimum ten dollar ($10.00) administrative charge per change.

Check-In Procedures

All groups will have a check-in time where the Summer Housing staff will set up a table to issue keys, building access cards, and linen (if applicable) on the day your group arrives. Check-in days/times are established by the conference/camp leader. Specific arrangements must be made for individual participants arriving after 11:00 P.M.. Any participants that unexpectedly decide not to attend the conference/camp will be charged a $50 no show fee. Any concerns between 11 p.m.–8 a.m. can be addressed with Public Safety. Housing staff will follow-up with concerns/issues the following morning. It is your responsibility to inform your participants of check-in and check-out information as well as clear driving directions to the pre-determined locations. Please notify the assistant director of housing in advance if your group requests additional information to be distributed at the time of your group’s arrival.

The Summer Housing staff will host check-ins for each conference group at a charge of $14.20 per employee/ per hour. The amount of employees assigned to each check-in is based on the Associate Director’s discretion.

Linen Packages

Requested linen packages will be available for pick-up at the check-in table. Each guest receiving linens will need to provide their signature to confirm receipt of linen package. Any missing or damaged linens must be reported within 24 hours of the groups arrival. Requests for additional linens, or other amenities, must be made during business hours from 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. All linen packages must be returned in the linen bag upon departure.

Early Arrivals or Late Departures

Early arrivals are participants who want to stay on-campus before the conference program begins. Late departures are participants who want to stay on-campus after the conference program has ended. Requests must be made in advance to the assistant director of housing. Request are not guaranteed. An additional housing charge will be assessed. Please be sure to note these individuals on the participant list. We are not able to accommodate early arrivals or late departures without prior arrangements. We must be notified in writing of their estimated arrival time on-campus, especially for those arriving after 4:30 p.m.

Late Arrivals or Early Departures

Late arrivals are participants who will be staying on-campus for your conference, but do not arrive at the planned check-in time. Early departures are those who stay on-campus, but do not stay for the entire conference. Late arrivals and early departures will be charged the full conference room rate. For late arrivals, please inform the assistant director of housing of the date and approximate time they will arrive. Early departures must return their room keys, building access card and meal card, and linens (if applicable) to the Summer Housing office before leaving campus.


All keys must be returned in a white key return envelope with each guest’s name. A replacement charge will be assessed for any keys and access cards not returned to the Summer Housing office at the end of the conference stay.

The cost of replacement is one hundred dollars ($150) per unreturned residence hall key, and ($5) per unreturned access card. The group will be billed for each missing/unreturned key/access card even if it is found and returned at a later date. Guests are responsible for all keys provided to them. If a guest is moved to a new location for unforeseen reasons, they are responsible to return both sets of keys to RIT Housing in a key return envelope.

Master keys or sub-master keys for residence halls will not normally be issued because of security reasons. These keys will only be issued to the event planner (no student or chaperone). If any master (floor or building) key is lost, the event planner will be held responsible for all charges associated with the key replacement, door re-coring, and total hours of labor involved with these modifications. Special arrangements for these keys should be made with the assistant director of housing.

Check-Out Procedures

Check-out time is by noon on the day of your departure. Special arrangements must be made prior to your arrival for those needing additional time to check-out. Late check-outs may result in additional charges. Check-outs take place at the Summer Housing office, in Grace Watson Hall, unless prior arrangements are made. All keys must be placed in a key return envelope and completely filled out. All keys and envelopes must be returned to RIT Housing. A check-out meeting with a staff member will be required to confirm all keys have been returned. The check-out time will be set up with Summer Housing staff to accommodate the group. Charges for a person’s stay is based on when RIT Housing receives the keys back for each participant. If a person leaves unexpectedly; it is the responsibility of the conference leader to return the keys to the RIT Housing office to ensure no additional charges are added. Groups will be billed twenty-five dollars ($25) for each improper check-out if these procedures are not followed. Prior to departure, you may also request a walk-through with a Summer Housing staff member for a housing inspection.

The Summer Housing staff will host check-outs for each conference group at a charge of $14.20 per employee/ per hour. The amount of employees assigned to each check-out is based on the Associate Director’s discretion.

Summer Housing Office Staff

The Summer Housing Office is available for your convenience and is located in Grace Watson Hall. The Summer Housing Office hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The office will only be open on the weekend during any conference group check-in/check-out. Extended hours may pertain to particular conference groups.

Summer staff is also on-call each night between 4:30–11 p.m. If their services are required, they can be contacted by calling 585-315-8660. Conference housing assistants are available to assist guests arriving late and are on-duty to respond to all emergency situations until 11:00 p.m. Any emergencies or concerns between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. must be handled by Public Safety. Summer Housing will follow-up with the concerns/ issues the following morning.

General Information and Campus Policies


The residence halls are locked 24 hours a day, 7 days week for security purposes. If your group consists of youth (under the age of 18), it is recommended that chaperones are the only participants to receive exterior door/elevator card access to monitor and control the activity of the group. It is the chaperones’ responsibility to handle their participants’ lock-outs. Extra security can be arranged for an additional fee through Public Safety.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are scheduled based on your application. Please call or schedule a meeting with the assistant director of housing regarding specific needs, requests, additions, and/or changes. We reserve the right to change meeting rooms if necessary. You will be notified prior to your arrival if a change has been made regarding a meeting room. You are encouraged to visit our facilities to ensure that they will meet your needs. Our expectation is that your group will leave the meeting rooms in the same condition that they found them. If any furniture is moved, please restore it to its original location. You may make arrangements in advance to have the Summer Housing staff move furniture for you and be charged an hourly labor fee. Your group will be charged for any extraordinary cleaning required.

You must specify who will need access to the conference room by filling out the name of the individual on the application form. For event planners who work at RIT, access to conference rooms can be programmed into their RIT identification card with notification of their UID number. External guests must sign out an access card from the Summer Housing Office and are responsible for returning the card at check-out. If any conference room access card is lost, the event planner will be held responsible for all charges associated with the card replacement, door re-coring, and total hours of labor involved with these modifications.


We provide linen packages for an additional cost: (1) Full Set: $35 (pillow & pillow case can be added for an additional $10). Additional linen requests such as extra blankets and extra towels can be accommodated at an additional cost. Groups that do not request linen should remind their guests to bring bedding and towels. Groups may be subject to a linen refresh charges of $30 per linen set.

At check-in, linen is distributed in a bag and should be returned by the guest in the bag upon check-out. Requested linen packages will be available for pick-up at the check-in table. Each guest receiving linens will need to provide their signature to confirm they received the linen requested. If a guest fails to return their linen at check-out, charges will be applied to the master bill. For groups staying longer than seven nights, a linen exchange may be requested for an additional cost. Please see our rate sheet for more information.


All the residence halls are connected by tunnels. In the tunnels (also known as A-level) there are several laundry facilities that your guests may use during their stay. Global Village has laundry facilities on the first floor of each building. Laundry facilities are free, however guests must provide their own laundry items (e.g. detergent).

Dining Information

All event planners are required to make arrangements with RIT Dining for all guest meal plans. Most guests of the residence halls eat in Gracie’s located in Grace Watson Hall. The Corner Store, a convenience store located in the tunnels of Fredericka Douglass Sprague Perry Hall and vending machines are located on the residential side of campus. RIT Dining can be contacted at help.rit.edu to set up meal arrangements for your group.

Cooking of meals in residence hall rooms is not allowed. Appliances or items that create excessive heat or open-flame/open-element are prohibited in all areas of the residence halls. This includes, but is not limited to toasters, toaster ovens, hot plates, heaters, incense, candles, etc. Each room is equipped with a microfridge, a microwave, refrigerator and freezer. Personal refrigerators and microwaves are not allowed.

Copy Center

The Hub Xpress is a printing and copy center, located in Monroe Hall inside of the Digital Den. There are two post offices on campus. The DSP post office is located on the A-level in Fredericka Douglass Sprague Perry Hall, and the Global Village postal hub is located in Global Village. Visit rit.edu/fa/hub/ or call 585-475-2117 to answer any questions regarding printing or a temporary mailing address.

Contract Expectations and Guidelines for Summer Conference Residents Program directors and staff of all programs agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Rochester Institute of Technology, as well as agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to the event, including but not limited to, state and federal statues with respect to the proper supervision of minors. Groups must sign the Expectations and Guidelines for Summer Conference Residents (provided in this packet) prior to their arrival. It is the responsibility of the event planner to collect the signed agreements and deliver them to the assistant director of housing prior to check-in on the day of the group’s arrival.

RIT ITS Guidelines

  • ITS provides access to RIT’s wired and wireless Internet networks and computer labs on campus.
  • Please advise all of your event attendees that they are not allowed to use their own wireless network (e.g. wireless routers or access points) without pre-approval from ITS. Failure to inform ITS about using your own wireless network could result in your own network connection not working and/or being blocked on RIT’s network.
  • Guest wireless is provided on the RIT campus for public use and for access to non-RIT resources. In order to access the guest network you must be able to receive SMS/text messages to complete authentication.
  • All event participants requiring use of RIT computer labs or the wired network on campus will be required to obtain an RIT sponsor. The sponsor will be allowed to create a temporary account(s) for their participant(s), which are required to login to RIT owned machines. Each participant will be required to abide by the RIT Code of Conduct for Computer and Network Use.


In addition to building fire alarms, each room is equipped with its own smoke alarm and sprinkler. There are lighted exit signs at the end of each floor. All guests must evacuate the building by use of stairways only in the event of a fire alarm.

Health Services

Guests should notify group leaders of any health concerns. Any accommodations that are to be made for participants with disability-based needs must be communicated to the assistant director of housing at least thirty (30) days prior to the group’s arrival on-campus. Some of the areas to consider are transportation, parking, and dietary needs. RIT is responsible for providing an accessible facility, e.g. rooms, handicap parking, and restrooms. You, however, are responsible for assessing the needs of your participants and making your program accessible to people with disabilities.

Parking Arrangements

It is the event planner’s responsibility to inform the conference participants of all parking arrangements. Visitors are subject to all parking and traffic rules and regulations while on RIT property. Violation of rules or regulations may result in ticketing or towing of the vehicle. If a citation is issued, it is the responsibility of the participant to work with the Parking Office. Any RV, motor home, trailer, bus, truck or other vehicle exceeding regular passenger car length or width must obtain clearance from the parking and transportation office to park on-campus.

Transportation Service

A free campus shuttle runs seven days a week looping the campus. A separate shuttle travels off-campus to the local grocery store, mall, and local plazas. Bus schedules are available online at https://www.rit.edu/parking/ campus-shuttles


Campus maps are posted at a number of locations on-campus. A residence hall map will be provided at checkin and can also be found at maps.rit.edu. We suggest that you send a map to your conference guests detailing the location of check-in and on-campus activities prior to their arrival.

The Summer Housing office will post signs around the perimeter of the designated housing check-in/key pick-up location only. RIT employees may contact Facilities Management Services (FMS) at 585-208-5978 or rit.edu/fa/facilities/ for campus-wide signage to assist your conference guests in navigating their way to the check-in and/or program’s opening activities.

Removal of Personal Property

The event planner agrees to advise and assure that all conference participants remove personal property from the university’s premises on the day the conference ends. If property has been left beyond this time, the Summer Housing staff will remove and deliver property to the Public Safety office.

Maintenance & Construction

Periodic maintenance projects and construction occur in and around the residence halls during the summer. This is unavoidable if we are to keep our facilities and grounds in good condition and provide for future growth. We will work very closely with other campus units to minimize the impact of these projects on your conference and to keep you informed. Please feel free to visit our Facilities Management website at rit.edu/fa/facilities/ for an overview of construction projects.

Damage Billing and Additional Charges

Prior to a group’s check-in, the Summer Housing office staff assesses the condition of each room and makes note of any room/furniture damages. The rooms are then reassessed after a group’s departure. Any damages that were not noted prior to the group’s check-in will be charged to the group. In addition, excessive cleaning above and beyond what is considered normal, excessive trash removal, and the removal/replacement of moved residence hall room furniture will also incur an additional charge to the group.

Additional Rules and Regulations

Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the residence halls regardless of age. Furthermore, residents of RIT housing shall abide by Rochester Institute of Technology policies, procedures and regulations and local, state, and federal laws regarding alcohol and drugs use.

  • Smoking Policy: Smoking, including cannabis, is not permitted in all forms of RIT housing including residence hall rooms, suites, and apartments.
  • Monroe County requires that smoking not be allowed in any public area.
  • No pets or animals are permitted in any building.
  • Removal of furniture or furnishings is strictly prohibited.


Payment Information

Internal Master Bill

You will receive a master bill within ten (10) business days after your guests’ departure. Please review the bill and contact the assistant director of housing if you disagree with the bill or require additional explanation of information. Otherwise, the bill is due as presented and funds will be withdrawn from the account number you provided on your Application for Use of Summer Housing. All account numbers must be provided with the submission of the application to ensure your space will be reserved. If an account number is not provided, then the application cannot be processed.

For external clients, you will be billed by the department who coordinates your on-campus arrangements and contract within 30 days of the event.


Covid-19 Guidelines for RIT Housing Summer Residential Programs and Experiences:

Program directors and participants must comply with all required RIT Safety Plan protocols related to COVID-19. As we enter this next phase of the pandemic, our goal remains the same – to protect the health and welfare of the RIT community and those around us. Detailed guidelines are as follows:

Requirements for Participants:

  1. Participants are required to be fully vaccinated prior to arrival. Individuals are considered fully vaccinated:
    •  two weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series (such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines); or
    two weeks after a single-dose vaccine (such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine).
  2. We highly recommend that all conference participants regardless of immunization status obtain a COVID-19 test within 72 hours before coming to campus.  If participant’s COVID test is positive that attendee may not come to campus until they have isolated for the proper amount of time, as determined by their local health officials.
  3. Obtain health insurance with adequate coverage in the Rochester area. Participants are responsible for any costs associated with medical care including COVID testing and treatment.
  4. Self-monitor for any symptoms related to COVID-19 before circulating campus every day. These symptoms are based on CDC guidance and currently include:
  • Fever or chills                                           
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

If at any point in time, an individual begins showing signs of COVID-19), they should wear a mask, go to their assigned residence immediately, notify their program director and obtain medical assistance, including, if necessary a test for COVID-19.

Available testing locations/Urgent Care Centers near RIT:

UR Medicine Urgent Care
1300 Jefferson Road
Suite 100
Rochester, NY 14623

(585) 413-1800
Fax: (585) 413-3499
Open daily from 9am - 8pm

Rochester Regional Health Immediate Care
2685 East Henrietta Road

Henrietta, NY 14467


At the corner of E. Henrietta and Calkins Road

Monday-Friday: 9am-9pm

Saturday-Sunday: 9am-8pm

Requirements for isolation and quarantine as determined by the Monroe County, NY Department of Public Health must be followed.

Requirements for Program Directors:

BEFORE your program starts:

  • Collect proof of vaccination from participants. Safely store in accordance with RIT’s policy C22.0 Records Management Policy.
  • Strongly encourage participants to receive a COVID-19 test within 72 hours of their arrival to campus. This will help to minimize the need for isolation/quarantine.
  • Strongly encourage participants to verify that their health insurance covers them for medical expenses incurred during their program in Rochester.
  • Notify RIT Housing of any cancellations or late arrivals due to positive tests.
  • Work with your organization to determine plans for potential illness (for example, coordinating transportation to and from local urgent care facility).
  • Plan for payment of isolation housing if needed. Once a participant is on campus, an isolation period will be mandated for any participant who tests positive during their stay.  Groups will be required to pay for usage of additional isolation rooms. RIT will arrange Quarantine/Isolation (Q/I) space for any attendee who tests positive during their stay.

Residence Hall Q/I Rate:
$42.00 Per Night, Per Person

Double-As-Single Occupancy Room

Global Village Q/I Rate:
$52.00 Per Night, Per Person

Single Occupancy Room with kitchen

If an individual becomes symptomatic or has been exposed to COVD-19:

Help participant arrange medical care* including if required a COVID-19 test.

Available testing locations/Urgent Care Centers near RIT:

UR Medicine Urgent Care
1300 Jefferson Road
Suite 100
Rochester, NY 14623

(585) 413-1800
Fax: (585) 413-3499
Open daily from 9am - 8pm

Rochester Regional Health Immediate Care
2685 East Henrietta Road

Henrietta, NY 14467


At the corner of E. Henrietta and Calkins Road

Monday-Friday: 9am-9pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9am-8pm

*The RIT Student Health Center will not be able to support non RIT students. If medical attention is needed, program directors will be responsible for arranging this. Arrange transportation to and from facility if needed.

If a participant tests positive for COVID-19:

  1. Alert RIT Housing staff of positive case to arrange an isolation room. Contact: RIT Summer Housing Staff, (585-315-8660)
  2. Meet with RIT Housing Conference staff to receive assignment information and key. Q/I rooms will be on campus and in close vicinity to where conference guests are assigned.
  3. It is up to the program director to provide food to quarantined guests. Orders can be placed through RIT Dining via online ordering for pickup: http://ondemand.rit.edu/
    • Contact RIT Dining via the RIT Service Center (help.rit.edu) if there are questions on providing guests with food.
  4. Have attendee monitor symptoms. If in need of additional medical assistance, they should be referred back to the Urgent Care Center or 911 if required.
  5. Contract tracing/notification to close contacts, if appropriate, will be handled by the Monroe County NY Department of Public Health. They can be reached at:  COVID-19 Hotline: (585) 753-5555 or COVID-19 Email: COVID19@monroecounty.gov
  6. Ensure attendee complies with the mandated isolation timeline.
  7. Once they have been released from isolation, notify RIT Housing and arrange to return the key.

*If the program director cannot fulfill all COVID-19 duties, groups will be responsible for hiring a live-in medical professional to support program participants. All conference groups with youth participants will be required to have a live-in medical professional to support program participants.