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Dr. Destler’s E-Dragster Race

Official Rules

dragster picture

dragster picture

dragster picture
  1. The race is open to all RIT students, faculty, and staff (individuals or teams).
  2. Teams are responsible for obtaining their own funding and this funding may be in the form of sponsorships.
  3. Entrants will design and construct a self-contained “electric” vehicle.
    1. The sole energy source should be from an electric chemical battery.
    2. All parts of the vehicle should travel with the vehicle during the race.
  4. Vehicles must not be constructed from the chassis of a commercial vehicle, but can contain various components from a commercial vehicle. Commercial parts are encouraged for the safety components of the vehicle, such as the braking and steering system, but are not required.
    1. Homebuilt chassis are allowed.
    2. Previously non-electric chassis are allowed (e.g. go-karts, small buggies)
    3. Previously human powered chassis are allowed (e.g. bikes, trikes)
    4. Heavily modified electric chassis are allowed (e.g. stripped down golf cart)
    5. Previously street legal chassis are NOT allowed (e.g. Chevy Volt)
  5. Vehicles cannot be remotely operated.
  6. Vehicle drivers are required to wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear for the vehicle design and expected speeds; a DOT approved helmet is required for all vehicles weighing over 200 lbs.
  7. Drivers/teams will be asked to sign a liability waiver that holds RIT harmless.
  8. Vehicles must conform to the below specifications:
    1. Maximum Weight (without driver): 1000 lbs
    2. Maximum Width: 8 ft
    3. Maximum Number of Seats (Passenger Limit): 1
  9. Entrants will take part in a straight-line performance test (“drag race”) for a distance of 100 meters. The race track and stopping area will run from east to west through parking lots G and H (see below for map). The total track length will be 300 meters. **Vehicles MUST have a braking system that will allow it to safely stop in a distance of 200 meters following the 100 m race.**
  10. Vehicles will remain within the boundaries of the track and their respective lanes with no deviation right to left.
  11. The winning entrant will be the vehicle that completes the 100 meter race in the fastest time. The race will begin from a standing start, and vehicles will run the track one at a time. If there is a tie between two or more vehicles the two vehicles will complete a second race to determine a winner. We will have multiple individuals using stopwatches to record the race time of each vehicle.
  12. Vehicles must be available at least one day prior to the event (Friday, May 4, 2012) for a technical inspection.
  13. The event will take place rain or shine.
  14. The event will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 5, 2012 to conclude prior to the Opening Ceremony which takes place at 10:00 a.m. near the Sentinel. The winner of the performance test will be announced during the opening ceremony.
  15. All entrants must present a poster display of their vehicle specifications and design elements.
  16. All entrants will exhibit their vehicles and poster displays at the west end of the Gordon Field House at the conclusion of the performance test and Opening Ceremony.

Additional details

  • 1st Prize: $1000 or a banjo from Dr. Destler’s collection.
  • The 2nd place winner will be awarded the prize that is not selected by the 1st place winner.

To register your electric vehicle or to ask questions about the competition, please email Heather Cottone at The registration deadline is February 17.

map of track