3D Printing: Customized Human Project


Institute Hall - 4th Floor

Come visit Manny the Mannequin and Mr Bones and see all the amazing ways that 3D printing can be used to make personalized items such as: *Custom-fitted Jaw Bone, Hip, and Knee Replacements *Form-fitted Shin Guards, Mouth Guards, and Helmets *Personalized Prosthetic Limbs, Wrist Braces, and Casts *Skull Plates *Running Shoes *Sunglasses, Ear Buds, and More!

At the AMPrint Center, we use generative design tools and lattice structures to create unique prosthesis designs

Image shows a personalized shin guard CAD model

We can create shin guards personalized to fit an individual's anatomy!

Image shows shoe insole design

Custom shoe insoles with varied cushioning can be printed based on a 3D scan!

Image shows section of helmet CAD model

Helmet padding can be custom fit to an individual and cushioning density can be modified to enhance user safety!


Institute Hall - 4th Floor


Jade Myers
Valeria Marin Montealegre
Jakob Hamilton
John Bonzo
Denis Cormier
Robert Kraynik
Iris Rivero
David Trauernicht
Susan Rausch
Usama Rifat
Paarth Mehta
Irtaza Razvi
Khushbu Zope
Gabriel Stash
Anthony Cardinali

Dr Denis Cormier


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