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Affinity is an app designed by Claire Hardie and Kimberly Abakah that aims to let people meet new and like-minded individuals from the comfort of wherever they are. By asking and answering meaningful questions, users will be able to relate and eventually connect to each other by sharing their life experiences in a safe and supportive environment. The app aims to eliminate some of the pitfalls that come with the shallowness of social media, such as the awkwardness of meeting a new person, constant comparison to others, imposter syndrome, and small talk. We took inspiration from card games designed to foster thoughtful and engaging conversations between strangers and acquaintances, and created the app that attempts to do the same. Affinity puts your experiences first. The app relies on you to use prompts and have conversations about them with someone first before you are able to add them as a friend and follow them. There are 3 modes in which you can use the app: Friends, Group, and Dating mode. In Friends Mode, the user will be able to find and meet new friends or acquaintances through the game, they will be shown a wider variety of other users. In Group Mode, a set of people, up to 10, can join the game and play with just each other allowing them to create deeper connections and learn new things about one another. Each individual has to answer the questions in an allotted amount of time, and then come together to discuss each answer. In Dating Mode, this mode will look very similar to friends mode, however the user can utilize filters to only see someone that they would want to potentially foster a romantic relationship with based on input interests. For all modes, it takes a number of conversations before users can add you, and see your real face and interests. Prior to this, you also have the ability to customize an avatar and add other personality revealing traits such as a blurb or certain interests. Also to be noted, Affinity encourages you to draw answers from your life experiences, answers you might not always be comfortable sharing. You can skip those that you aren't comfortable answering and have a heads up for those that might be triggering. Ultimately, after using Affinity, users will find themselves able to open up more easily in a safe space, and to have relatable, fulfilling conversations. Our hope for users is that this app can help them to foster real and authentic connections with a variety of people without the distraction of the typical unhealthy social media issues. And maybe learn something new about themselves in the process.

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