An AR Tour Guide System on Autonomous Cars

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Research Statement:

The project was inspired by a personal experience of being a driver and tour guide on a 2 weeks road trip. According to the survey of 47 participants, 81% of people said that getting knowledge through their traveling is important to them. But people neither want to plan travel ahead and be a driver nor join a group tour because the schedule isn't flexible. The specific aim of this project is to create a solution for people to customize itineraries, be free from driving and earn educational experiences in autonomous cars.


The AR tour guide system (Carppet) combines AI recognition with Augmented Reality Head Up Display and applies those technologies on autonomous cars. The purpose is to provide seamless and painless pre-trip planning processes. In addition, the tour guide performs interactive and educational experiences during the trip. The AI recognition can immediately recognize attractions to provide corresponding background knowledge of what's appealing to the riders via the heads up display on the windshield and side windows.

Project Impact or Significance:

Learning through travel is one of the best means of education outside the classroom. The project introduces a new way to explore our world efficiently and easily obtain knowledge for a successful trip. The impact of the AR tour guide system (Carppet) would affect the entire travel economy and benefit people in terms of individual development, educational attainment, and future career growth.


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