Automatic Enzymatic Squeegee Cleaner

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T-shirt printing presses use squeegees to scrape ink across screens, and then those squeegees get covered in ink. They can't be used again until they've been cleaned.

Our goal was to develop a machine that would reduce the amount of time people have to spend cleaning squeegees. We designed and built a prototype that uses a chain-drive system to pull the squeegees through a series of motor-driven brushes that are being sprayed with Ozzy Juice, an enzymatic solution that contains tiny micro-organisms that "eat" gunk to clean the parts.

We would have our machine set up and visitors would be able to see us run dirty squeegees through it, and they would come out clean. You could think of the machine like a small car wash for squeegees.

A video explanation can be found here:

A title slide for our project, showing a printing press and a squeegee of the type that we're printing

a CAD model of the final design

cutaway view of the cleaning alleyway

printing press with squeegee and winged floodbar

dirty squeegees and a smart washer; what we're trying to fix and replace

closeup of a squeegee

cad model of a squeegee

interior of smartwasher sink

clean squeegees and flat flood bars


James Shackley,
Jonathon Dalheim,
Kent Lilley,
Michael Duncan,
Nathan Dahar

Donald Pophal and Donna Rankin-Parobek

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