Autonomous Driving Device for Power Wheels Testing

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The Power Wheels autonomous driving testing device is an adaptable device that steers, drives, follows a line, and stops Power Wheels vehicles on a chosen path created by laying down a rope in any configuration. The current Fisher-Price testing procedure requires a lot of space and modification of the Power Wheels vehicle that requires many hours of manual work. With this adaptable device, Fisher-Price can test their vehicles with minimal setup and modification to the vehicle, in addition to allowing for outdoor testing. All the test engineer needs to do is drill a few holes in the body to bolt the frame, camera and emergency stop in, and the vehicle is ready to follow the line set up in whatever configuration is needed. The line following is done using a camera, Raspberry Pi device, and code designed for this process, while throttle speed, power to the device motor and vehicle is done using electrical modifications. Check out some of our videos to see the testing process move from following a line indoors to running around an outdoor track!

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Kimberly Scheer,
Ariel Austin,
Colin VanDemark,
Jordan Jock,
Mihajlo Lazarevski,
Stephen Nashburn

Mark Minunni

MSD- Multidisciplinary Senior Design Class P21025

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