Autonomous People Mover

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The RIT APM is a golf cart that is modified to transport visitors around the campus independently. It uses a variety of sensors to map its surroundings and choose the correct path to wherever it is told to go. It is still a work in progress, but it is getting better every day. a LiDAR sensor on the hood and on the bumper are responsible for the majority of the detection algorithm, while the optical cameras on the roof help to create a frame of reference for the internal sensors. A GPS and IMU also help to determine the current position and attitude of the cart. All of the processing is done through a computer housed in the back of the frame. The cart can operate manually, remotely, or autonomously. Currently, the autonomous feature of the cart is still in progress. It is able to perform rudimentary pathfinding and navigate straight, easy path ways, but it's large-scale operation, and it's performance in a crowd, is still very much under construction.

Autonomous People Mover


Cole Hornbeck,
Peter Fabinski,
Dylan Arrabito,
William Griffith,
Jorge Wang Qiu

Alan Dawson & Professor Louis Beato

P21241 Senior Design Project

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