BooZ: Creating a Business Plan

"BooZ: Creating a Business Plan" is an interactive exhibit that discusses BooZ, a third-party on-demand alcohol delivery service that we created in MGMT-103: Business 2T: Business Planning Tools and Practice, as well as the process of turning a vague idea into a fully-formed business plan. The exhibit will include an overview of BooZ, its mission, our team, our process (from idea generation to the finalization of a business plan), and our timeline. It will discuss both the timelines developed for BooZ and for the deliverables of the course. The exhibit will also highlight what the team learned, the discoveries it made and the challenges it faced, and provide a summary of the exhibit. Acknowledgements are also included. "BooZ: Creating a Business Plan" was designed to be jam packed full of valuable information while being as interactive as possible.


Alec Waight-Morabito

Prof. Andy Lawrence

MGMT-103: Business 2T: Business Planning Tools and Practice

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