Borodin's String Quartet No.2, 3rd Movement

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This quartet was written by the Russian composer Alexander Borodin back in 1881. The 4 movement quartet is filled with heart-moving melodies that represented Borodin's love for his wife, the person to who he dedicated the piece. The recording that you will see is the 3rd movement of the piece, also known as Notturno. We decided to add our own twist to Borodin's romantic theme by creating a slideshow that consists of the performers' loved ones. We hope you enjoy it!

This performance features Saulo Ferreira on Cello, Brendan Cappo on Viola, Lauren Drake on Violin 2, and Chenyang Lin on Violin 1.


Chenyang Lin,
Lauren Drake,
Saulo Ferreira,
Brendan Cappon

David Hult

RIT Red Brick String Quartet

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