ConcRIT 2.0: 3D Concrete Printer

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Come visit ConcRIT 2.0 as we share our development of a mid sized concrete printer! During any product development, prototyping is used to see a rough draft of your product. These are used to get feedback from clients and make sure requirements are met. Since teams may be making many small adjustments to prototypes as they run into issues, they want cheap and easily repeatable processes. This project is a combination using the cheapest building material in a non-wasteful way. Concrete is an advantageous building and prototyping material for its flexibility of form, fire and weather resistance, and durability. Along with this we want to maximize the usable material per batch. Most manufacturing is focused on stock where material is taken away to get to a desired state. This leads to wasted material. Additive manufacturing is a method of adding material to get a desired state with virtually no waste. Using these materials and methods, ConcRIT 2.0 has developed a 3D Concrete Printer. Our design features a removable print bed, an innovative concrete extruder, and smooth three axis motion system. Imagine RIT guests will be able to watch our printer in action as we print various items and can come learn more about each of our subsystems.


Meghan Britt,
Derek Gagnon,
Tyler Swidler,
Anthony Ambrose,
Nicola Gnecco

John Wellin and Sarah Brownell

Multi-Disciplinary Senior Design

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