dVEM: Digital Measures for Mental Health Platforms

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Our research team at the College of Health Sciences and Technology (CHST) develops and tests digital treatment tools from multiple theoretical frameworks (i.e., clinical psychology, engineering, graphic design). The Digital Visual Emotion Measure (dVEM) is designed to measure emotion symptoms using the unique capabilities that are only available on digital interfaces. Traditional pen-and-paper tools require written prompts to explain symptoms; dVEM uses interactive iconography to prompt patients to report emotion type and intensity without written prompts. dVEM is one of the first digital assessment tools designed to be integrated across cultures, languages, and eHealth platforms. Audience members who view this presentation will be aware of how digital assessment tools may be designed for digital interfaces rather than adapted to them.

dVEM is a tool that represents the need to develop, test, and disseminate digital assessment tools across different health applications and programs. Specifically, our tool addresses the importance of outcome data in health technology and the need for consistent digital measures that can best test whether health outcomes are consistent across different eHealth interventions.


Celeste Sangiorgio,
Cassandra Berbary,
Caroline Easton,
Cory Crane,
Alexandra McKillop

Dr. Caroline Easton;
Dr. Cory Crane;
Dr. Cassandra Berbary

Priority Behavioral Health & Clinical Psychology Internship

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