Field Radiometer

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MSD project outlining the creation of a Field Radiometer. This radiometer has been developed to assist the LANDSAT-8 satellite mission for the RIT imaging sciences department. This satellite has been tracking long term climate change trends and needs to be calibrated from measurements collected by radiometers in various locations

Landsat 8 Satellite that uses the measured Data from our Radiometer for Calibration

Our Team Consisting of Ani Williams, Dan Measer, Hunter Buza, Ryan Murphy, and Reed Terdal

This is the Sensor CIrcuit Board that houses the temperature sensors and the parts associated with them

This is our main communication board for sending data and stepping down the voltage supply for some of the components

This is our board for measuring weather conditions other than the temperature, including wind and precipitation

Description of Power Supply

Thermopile Enclosure and Baffle Diagram

Custom PCB

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Hunter Buza,
Daniel Measer,
Ani Williams,
Reed Terdal,
Ryan Murphy,
Carlos Barrios

Carlos Barrios

Senior Design

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