Fourier Laser Light Painting

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We are part of a class called Innovative Freshman Experience within the Imaging Science BS program here at RIT. The purpose of this class is to design and create an imaging system that meets a third party request. This year we were tasked to create an imaging system that acted as a mirror in a broad sense; we could then create our own interpretation of this requirement. We decided to interpret this as creating a unique representation that mirrored you in an unusual way. Over the course of this class, we developed an imaging system that creates an interactive experience that can expose visitors to a small aspect of imaging science by incorporating creative methods of capturing, processing and displaying the final result which "mirrors" YOU!

Over these last two semesters we have created and developed an imaging system that captures a picture of you then uses a Fourier transform to create a line drawing of you. We have developed a program that allows us to input the initial captured image and run it through a set of filters to arrive at the final resulting image. With the resultant image, we have further combined it with a laser and phosphorescent screen to create a unique display. The processed image is then drawn on the screen.


Anna Mason,
Cheney Zhang,
Delanie DiFonzo,
Caden Kacprzynski,
Sophia Hradnansky,
Melanie Smedira,
Kayla Knight,
Gabriel Torres,
Kristof Lile,
David Oluwagbemi,
Gabriel Peters,
Nathan Irving,
Annabell Blank,
Eric Luba,
Sara Mallory,
Troy Church,
Caitlyn Pazdon,
Stanislav Litvak,
Flip Phillips,
Karen Braun,
Hannah Jay,
Holden Craig,
Evan Woltanski,
Micah Ross,
Kameron Torrey,
Myles Stelling,
Luke Callahan,
Kara Freer,
Anna Steele,
Michael Johanson,
Dan Mullen,
Zoe LaLena,
Sebastian Nazario-Colon,
Nick Porrello,
Gareth Smith,
Colt Stewart

Dr. Flip Phillips and Dr. Karen Braun

Innovative Freshman Experience (Imaging Science Program)

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