Future of Sustainable Cities

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This video had a YouTube Premiere at 11:00 a.m. during Imagine RIT 2021. During the premiere, viewers could chat live with the presenters and audience. View the chat transcript and video on YouTube

In order to create we must dream, play and explore. We must challenge through extreme redefinition. Architects have been using their graphic tools to create fantasy futures that embrace the possible betterment of society by posing fantastic and unrealistic solutions to the problems of the present.

In this project the model cities will teach both what are the problems of contemporary cities, which make them unsustainable and create a memorable model of a more equitable city of the future.


Alissa De Wit-Paul,
Kemal Kirca,
Simon Bai,
Paras Nandu

Alissa de Wit-Paul

Architecture Urban Design Studio Class

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