Hands-free Adapted Keyboard Kit


Institute Hall - INS-1160

Our adaptive keyboard offers foot pedals to help those with disabilities with alternative method of controlling their computer. Using 3D printing and Arduino, we've made a cheap, DIY device that can be customized based on a user's specific needs.

First concept for an adjustable height and angle design.

Early Version 1 concept

View of an early V1 showing height adjusting bars.

Version 1 side view

Side view of the V1 design.

Version 1 perspective view

View of V1 that shows height adjusting spars were added to change the angle.

Completed 3D print

Version 1 part that has finished printing.

Early test with microcontroller.

Initial testing with an Arduino Micro microcontroller.

Version 2 bottom view

Bottom view of V2, shows routing holes for cables to run underneath buttons.

Version 2 perspective view view

View of V2 which shows the placement of the microcontroller and the position of the buttons.


Institute Hall - INS-1160


Ryan Moulton
Alexander Loui
Evan Bilafer
Esther Millas
Maximillian Yu
Ries Scerbin
Mavis Irwin

Alexander Loui

Senior Design

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