Hologram Interpreter

Hologram Interpreter, it will replace Virtual Reality Interpreters that are based on IPads. VRIs are a common displeasure for the deaf community. They are commonly used when a patient who relies on an interpreter and they are not available to attend or an emergency room visit where it is hard to get an interpreter. They are useful in their own way but they always have technical difficulties as in the IPad crashes or the interpreter loses connection among other things as well as not receiving all the information that the doctor is saying. This is one of the many issues that the deaf community has with VRIs. The Hologram Interpreter will replace those issues and give the patient who is deaf a sense of comfort that the VRI does not have and a sense of security. The hologram interpreter will be displayed through a light and will be able to see the patient through a 360 camera. The interpreter can be based from home and they will be able to see the room from a screen in their home and be able to see what the patient is saying. The patient will be able to see the interpreter in 3D from the hologram and see what the interpreter is interpreting from the doctor, the doctor will wear a mic that will only focus on their voice so the interpreter can hear them clearly.


Jenai McKeen,
Cashmere Pascual,
Deoraj Phatandain

Scott Atkins, Bakar Ali, Wendy Dannels

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