Innovation @ Engineering World Health (RIT Chapter)

As a new club on campus, we wanted to set up a meet and greet that shows the club's mission, achievements, and potential. Engineering World Health is an organization which aims at improving global healthcare using inspired and motivated students. The RIT chapter has the same mission and works in tandem with the course (BIME-495) which sends students to Guatemala over the winter to better prepare students and work on global issues in this club incubator. At Imagine, the exhibitors will introduce the club (using a poster of images highlighting our international efforts), answer any questions or interests visitors may have, and showcase our latest medical invention. Interested students will get a chance to enroll in the class or club and interested campus visitors can learn how they can help us help the world.

Club President Cristina Guzman-Moumtzis enjoying coffee in Guatemala

Mural found on wall showing the importance of textiles in Guatemala

Club VP (left) and EWH member (right) posing over a successful repair of an X-Ray lightbox

Some General Club Information!

Eboard Member Eric sips coffee in Guatemala

Thank you to all of our sponsors!

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