Interactive NASA Psyche Museum Display


Engineering Hall - Hallway

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An interactive museum exhibit which describes the complex interaction between the Psyche asteroid and satellite spacecraft. Psyche is the largest asteroid in our solar system and NASA's Psyche mission involves sending a spacecraft to the asteroid in order to study it's make-up. What makes the Psyche asteroid of unique interest it is hypothesized to be the exposed nickel-iron core of an early planet. The museum display will communicate the science which will be performed during successively closer orbits of the asteroid and the high-tech instruments which will be employed during the mission

Early fabrication of exhibit prototype.

Psyche exhibit prototype iteration without asteroid model.

Psyche exhibit prototype iteration including all four orbit rings without asteroid model.


Engineering Hall - Hallway


Lee Sortore
Steven Ng
Petre Tumbar
Nick Wight

Ken Mihalyov


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