Leidenfrost Effect (Dancing bubbles)


James E. Gleason Hall - 2nd Floor Room 2280

The exhibit is focused on five heat and boiling projects. The visitors will have an opportunity to see boiling videos, which are at micron levels of measurement. A demonstration of an engine that works on thermal expansion and compression of air. Thermal modeling of breast cancer and its importance in the detection of the tumor. Visitors will get a chance to do a thermal conductivity experiment and get a chance to learn about the thermal conductivity of materials. Another interesting experiment on display would be about bubbles dancing on a heated surface.

Slow motion capture of boiling bubbles

MRI images

Clinical MRI and infrared (thermal) images of biopsy-proven breast cancer patients examined in this study.


James E. Gleason Hall - 2nd Floor Room 2280


Divyprakash Pal
Carlos Gutierrez
Maharshi Shukla
Isaac Perez-Raya

Dr. Satish Kandlikar

Class Project

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