Making Waves: Gravitational Waves!

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Gravitational wave research is opening doors to new knowledge about the Universe. These waves travel through space, allowing scientists to observe celestial bodies in new and exciting ways. Astronomers use state of the art detectors scattered all around the world and even in space to observe them, including two detectors here in the US. Scientists at RIT use the data they collect to make discoveries. Gravitational waves provide a way to learn so much more about black holes, the expansion of the Universe, and stars born in giant supernova explosions. These waves give scientists a glimpse of previously unseeable wonders of our Universe. Join us to find out more about what these waves are, where they come from, and how we detect them!


Marko Ristic,
Olivia Young,
Jason Hathaway,
Alessandro Ciarfella,
Kate Wagner,
Emily Wilson

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