Side-by-side photos of RIT students and activities with the text See How RIT is Advancing the Exceptional underneath.

Memories are something precious but they fade away fast over time. So, how can we keep memories safe the way scrapbooks used to in a new, digital age?

That's where Morii comes in. Morii is a platform that documents your memories in a beautiful and meaningful way. The experience incorporates many different types of media to show off your memories. Users can express themselves through photos, videos, songs and more. It's also collaborative, so users can share different perspectives on the same memory.

For Imagine RIT, we created a demo of Morii. You will be able to interact with and explore Morii's features without having to input your own story.


Liza Comley,
Mike Snyder,
Hannah Sarakin,
Kate O'Gorman,
Jake Johnson,
Yasiru Karunawansa

Adam Smith & Sten McKinzie

New Media Design Capstone

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