Overcomer Soccer Device

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The OvercomerTM Soccer Device is an assistive sport technology that will allow individuals of all abilities to participate in soccer. The Overcomer will attach to various mobility aids and allow the individual to kick and maneuver soccer balls.This device is an addition to the Inclusivity Inc. line of assistive devices. The product operates by swinging a torque arm, which transfers energy through the gearbox and along the striking arm. The striking paddle imparts momentum to the soccer ball to propel the ball forward.

The P20046 Multidisciplinary Design Team created the original design but were unable to prototype or test the product due to COVID-19 health concerns. The previous design focused on an electrical and mechanical system, while the current revision will be purely mechanical to reduce cost and complexity. The device was innovated to reduce the weight of the pre-existing attachment, reduce set-up time, and increase functionality.

Overcomer Soccer Device


Isabella Caico,
Michael Schultz,
Ellie Larson,
Matt Anderson,
Alexa Kline

Senior Design

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