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Student Alumni Union - Fireside Lounge

Do you like playing mobile games? Do you want to learn American Sign Language? Do you want to see equivalent communication access for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people? Do you want to see the future of accessibility? Come to our booth and find out what we do at Center on Access Technology!

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A bubbly teal text that says PopSign is on a light green-gray background. Three white clouds surround the text

PopSign logo

PopSign gameplay shows a video of a woman with pink shirt signing and three options for video. The colorful bubbles on the green-gray background show words. A little bubble launcher is on the bottom of the screen

PopSign gameplay


Student Alumni Union - Fireside Lounge


Allison Benz
Spencer Montan
Gary Behm
Tony Ellis
Elizabeth Hanks
Thad Starner
Sahir Shahryar
Tyler Kwok

Gary Behm, Spencer Montan, Elizabeth Hanks, Allison Benz

Center on Access Technology in a partnership of MITRE, Google LLC, and Georgia Institute of Technology

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