PURE UV Water Disinfection

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Millions of people live without access to clean, potable water. Additionally, these people often lack access to reliable power. Access to clean water will decrease the chances of disease, improve the overall health, and extend the lifespan for millions of individuals. Thus, providing a low-cost, self-powered, disinfection system for these individuals is very important. With the field of UV-C LED's rapidly growing, our team has designed a product that takes advantage of this technology that offers much improvement in terms of water purification practices over existing solutions. Our design also incorporates the use of solar power technology to permit our product to be utilized in areas lacking access to grid power.

Exploded View of the UVC Reactor System

Mo and Luke E. Coli Testing

Team Photo

Full Assembly Render


Michael Smith,
Carl Burkhard,
Mohammad Abdullah,
Jack Worthington,
Luke Murphy

Terry Wright

Senior Design

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