Rapids Cemetery Virtual Tour

The Rapids Cemetery has a long and storied history in Rochester, NY, and had unfortunately fallen into neglect. Thankfully, a team called the Rapids Cemetery Restoration Committee has taken it upon themselves to clean up and rediscover the history of this cemetery. Part of this process of restoration was working with an RIT capstone ISTE class to create a virtual tour website for visitors to use to navigate the cemetery in the future. They were now ready to take their site to a new level of interactivity

This is where we joined the project. Our three-person DHSS capstone team began work on the website by recreating it in WordPress, a framework that the Restoration Committee would be able to edit, debug, and modify themselves in the future. Our research revealed that WordPress would be easier for our non-coding clients to understand, navigate, and edit.

We have created a website with full functionality. We have the virtual tour, areas of interest, nearby historical sites, primary historical sources, and a new layout and design. We are creating a thorough and adaptable admin user guide so that our stakeholders can update the website with full autonomy.


Michele Fensken,
Marissa Burkland

Jess Lieberman

Digital Humanities & Social Sciences Capstone

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