Renewal Energy and Related Research at the Sustainability Institute


Sustainability Hall - 1270

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In the near future, renewable energy is expected to become the dominant source of electric energy in New York State and beyond. This exhibit will explain the benefits of renewable energy as well as practical challenges associated with its deployment. The exhibit will take place in the microgrid laboratory of the sustainability institute, where the visitor will learn about technologies that will pave the path for the more renewable future, including smart inverters, lithium-ion battery storage from repurposed batteries, and hydrogen storage.

Material flow and life cycle diagram of LIBs

Smart inverters photo

Block diagram and photo of microgrid smart inverters

Microgrid benefits diagram

Microgrid benefits

Used LIB pack

Testing transportation lithium ion battery module for grid applications


Sustainability Hall - 1270

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Nenad Nenadic
Mandlaenkosi Mthetwa
Christopher Piggott
sherralyn sneezer
Tunmise Raji
Ajay Gupta
Jared Leader
Fhazhil Wamalwa
Nathan Williams
Wiley Matthews

Research associate professor Nenad Nenadic will be mentoring the exhibit

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